SCN Success Story: Air & Sea International (Utah, USA) & Logixboard (Seattle, USA)

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We’re always pleased to be able to talk about a Success story between two companies in the SCN community. Here, new partner Logixboard and our member from USA, Air & Sea International. Air & Sea not only sees clients wanting better IT solutions, it has acted on them, integrating LogixBoard into their operative and ultimately commercial offering with clients


For me personally, the closure of my sales efforts were challenging before we had a digital offering. But within four months of bringing on Logixboard as our digital customer experience platform, my team and I were able to close 6 new customers worth $1.5M in revenue. And for 3 of those deals, we were competing directly against Flexport.” — Mike May, Client Development at Air & Sea International


For more words on the success, here are some words from President of Air & Sea: Jason Fowler

“We were looking for solutions that would allow us to have  the same reach and technology as some of these larger forwarders. And some of the solutions we looked at before just weren’t as robust as a Logixboard. We were able to get onboarded quickly and retain the business, which was really critical for us. 

It’s been a really good sales and marketing tool for us and a great way to get our foot in the door. Nowadays you need something that is different than everybody else. We’ve shown it to a few prospects, and I know recently two of the prospects we’ve shown it to utilized Flexport and they actually like it better than Flexport and switched over to us.”

“First rule logistics is to move your freight, but everybody says that’s what they’re good at, but it’s impossible to know until you become a customer. So having a tool like Logixboard really helps give us that opening to get our foot in the door and then the customers can see what we’re really capable of, and they can experience our service. Early on in the sales process, Logixboard helped us show what it will be like to be a customer and how we use technology to provide great customer service.”


If you want to read the full interview click HERE

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Jason Fowler
President Air & Sea International
T: 8012649130



Julian Alvarez
CEO Logixboard
+1 305-972-2629