Securityplus! – Credit protection in difficult times.

Member News
In these times of great uncertainty, at SCN we do our best to allow you to concentrate on the constructive parts of your business and do that SECURELY. That is why our unique Member Owned fund gives you credit protection against default and bankruptcy of debts with any SCN member. Our fund is currently running very healthily and represents a genuine GUARANTEE for all members instead of a simple promise without backing.
Recall that your credit protection starts at US$20,000 per claim for new members, and increases by US$10,000 after every 3 years of membership to a maximum of US$50,000 per claim. More than a maximum limit, we pride ourselves on the EFFECTIVENESS of the coverage
We need YOU to help us keep that fund healthy for your benefit:
  • Inform us of any late payment BEFORE the payment is over 120 days from invoice date
  • Tell us of any suspicious behaviour, of any past experiences
  • Keep us informed of any payment issues brought to us.
For your additional peace of mind, SCN is in contact with many other forwarding networks, sharing information on the industry’s “bad apples”. We are active in recovering funds even for members who have other cases outside the SCN network. Thank you for your information that helps to keep our industry professional
If you’re in doubt about an agent, if you are experiencing late payments, we’re here to help. Don’t keep it to yourself – let us know and help protect your SCNers :