Silk Express Freight (SIN, MY, JP) – Aerospace and Defence focused

Member News


Long time SCN member Silk Express has told us of their continued focus in aeropspace and defence.




Silk Express are regular attendees of the Milipol Event, a key event for all companies focused on homeland security and safety. The event allows them to be in contact with their specialised client base and reach out to new collaborators in this niche of logistics.








Aerospace & AOG



Another growing focus of Silk Express is its aerospace and AOG division, with operations varying from a few specialised screws to jet engines. Always ensuring the piece gets to destination in time to ensure that the aircraft is held up for a minumum of time.


….and of course they count on many SCNers around the world for these movements.







If you too operate regularly in aeropsace or defence, please let us know so that we can put you in contact with more members with a similar focus. Also make sure to add these specializations to the branches which  can offer the services.

And for Silk Express (our SCN member number 5!), to network with them, please contact with Benny, or come along to Vietnam to our conference to say hello to him there!


Benjamin Khoo
Managing Director