SCN Success Story: Best Logistics & Moldtrans

Member News

As the overview on the our website rightly states, SCN gives our members the capability of offering trustworthy, local knowledge and rapid solutions to our customers, no matter where the cargo may be in the world.

FCL and airfreight movements may be a simple way of joining forces with another member in most cases.

LCL cargo, of course, is a different matter… it isn’t easy to maintain a regular consolidated and direct service between two members. Many members already manage their own LCL services but are teamed up with agents outside SCN.

So for two members to actually manage and control LCL services could be considered a real success story.

Moldtrans and Best Logistics joined forces a couple of years ago to start up and maintain what is now a successful weekly LCL service between the ports of Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid in mainland Spain, and the Canary Islands at the ports of Las Palmas and Tenerife.

Both parts are working hard to make Sevilla the next point of origin, hopefully between now and the end of this year.

Moldtrans have operation and sales teams in both Las Palmas and Tenerife, while Best Logistics provide the complete destination services of customs bonded warehousing, logistics, distribution and customs clearance formalities.

Both companies generate cargo for these services which maintains a healthy and balanced relationship.

Currently, an average of 10 containers are being consolidated on a weekly basis from all the mentioned ports and due to the reliability given and the high service levels on these routes, the weekly volumes are growing constantly.

So that’s Moldtrans loading and closing the containers in mainland Spain… and Best Logistics opening them and directly distributing the cargo in the Canary Islands… no co-loading, nobody else in between.