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We are excited to share the following case handle by our member Best Services Int’l Freight Ltd. Tianjin office.

Best Services successfully arranged 2 heavy boiler main bodies during 2024 new year holiday.

Cargo details, Xingang to Karachi

  1. 12.5×3.8×3.8m, 78tons
  2. 13×3.9×3, 51tons


Several challenges were encountered during Best Services project. Firstly, they had to locate a vessel equipped with heavy lifts capable of handling the cargo.

The actual weight of the heavier pieces exceeded the signed fixture note with the carrier by more than 20%. Extensive efforts were made to persuade the client to accept the new plan, including revisions to the loading plan.

Another challenge arose when it became necessary to load the cargo directly onto the vessel from the port, as off-loading at the port was not possible due to its over-weight.

To minimize costs for the client, Best Services maintained close communication with the port authority and the port’s captain to prevent additional waiting time for trucks. Eventually, the vessel docked at the terminal on the night of January 31st and loaded the cargo on January 2nd. They coordinated the truck arrangements, obtained giant cargo haulage permits from the authority on time, and ensured that the cargo arrived at the port on January 1st, thereby minimizing the gap between the truck arrival date and the vessel loading plan.

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