What is Rebound Plastic Exchange? – The importance of Recycling plastic

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A global quality-assured platform for the trade of recycled plastic feedstock

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Plastic waste has become a major issue in our environment. With an annual shortage of 6,3m tonnes of recycled plastics globally, Rebound Plastic Exchange (RPX) aims to keep plastics out of the envoirement and in the economy.

In a world where businesses today face multiple challenges in the trade of recycled plastics, including trust and transparency. Many recyclers doubt a seller’s quality and sourcing methods. Some businesses also face a challenge in exploring global markets, and thus RPX was created to address these points and more…

Rebound Plastic Exchange (RPX) is a global quality assured trading platform that enables buyers and sellers to efficiently trade recycled plastic with confidence, bringing increased opportunity for recycled content for the world’s products and packaging. RPX specializes in their certification protocol in ensuring facility inspection and quality of trade are performed for all trades on the platform, providing transparency in pricing to the industry due to the trading volumes and most all ensuring all trades are regulatory compliant, and in line with the Basel Convention.


Are you working with any importer/exporter of recycled plastic?

SCN, through our partner Rebound, can help your EXPORTING clients of plastic find BUYERS, and your IMPORTING clients find suppliers. All quality guaranteed.

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