Zoom into: Blue Core Logistics (Johannesburg, South Africa)

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Its always a pleasure to be able to speak directly with SCN members around the world, to learn more about their activity and interests, and none moreso than with one of our relatively new members BLUE CORE LOGISTICS

From the vantage point of CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA, Wouter and his team continue to look for opportunites at a difficult time. October 2020, despite it being the start of summer, has seen a rise in Covid-19 cases and the corresponding disruptions to logistics. Steep rises in airfreight rates and some slow services (….who said ET??) produces many more to consider ocean freight options – although cargo of course continues to move. Being able to offer control over timing and clarity are a big part of BLUE CORE’s current success

Despite a modest approach to business and success, Wouter is easily able to reel off a dozen members of SCN with who he is doing business on a regular basis: From USA, Canada, Central America, across to Germany, Holland and all the way over to Australia. BLUE CORE‘s constant collaboration and services seem to be working well throughout the SCN network.

Among its clients, BLUE CORE counts on clients in diverse sectors – including the high value and risk markets of casino & gaming equipment, foodstuffs (including bakery and fresh produce) and the logistically challenging AOG shipment….as well, of course as general cargo where all is possible.

And from Cape Town, it is not just South Africa that is possible. Relationships in Africa are everything and BLUE CORE’s relationships in many neighbouring countries allows them to make shipments into and out of many other Southern African nations: LESOTHO, MALAWI, MOZAMBIQUE, NAMIBIA, ANGOLA, BOTSWANA, ZAMBIA.…and further north too. Africa can be a challenging to do business well – and the contacts of Wouter and the team allow them to give you the control your clients need, despite difficult conditions in many countries

We hope to be seeing much more of Wouter – and to encourage him to tell us more about the ongoing successes he has inside and outside the network


Many thanks for networking with SECURITY CARGO NETWORK!


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Wouter Van Dyk Snr
Managing Director
T: +27 12548 0831
M: +27 825729148