Zoom into: Cristofersen Internacional S.A. (Argentina)

Member News

SCN once again was pleased to be given a little time of a member this week to explain about their specialities, interests and what they too can give to the network. This time it was Gustavo Constantini from Cristofersen International (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


The economic situation in Argentina is currently very difficult – According to Gustavo, the economy suffered for many years, with the last eight being of recession, inflation of up to 40%, widespread unemployment, a drop of GDP of 12% in the last year and the effect of defaulting on international debt payments….and that was BEFORE Covid-19 hit! Since then, with cases rising again despite it being the end of summer, they can only be pleased that the situation is relatively stable due to confinement. Gustavo has been working from home since March ’20.


As for logistics, there has been a certain level of flexibility with eCommerce, but other logistics movements contine to me complex, with a high level of separation between the figures of customs broker and freight forwarder. Clearances themselves are therefore extremely expensive – based on value of the merchandise and with many controls complicating both import and export clearances. This often pushes forwarders to specialise in certain niche markets of products.


In the case of Cristofersen, opportunites have led them to handle large quantities of radioactive and other dangerous goods by air cargo. Movements are generally to other points of Latin America although other destinations are also served.

Another specialization of Cristofersen is live animals – both domestic and livestock with the associated issues caused by them.

Cristofersen is interested to hear of other SCN members who have similar focuses – and I’m sure we all apreciate that if they can handle these two, few “normal” airfreight shipments will be beyond their capabilities!


We thank Cristofersen again for their time, interest in ways we explained to promote themselves in SCN and also for forming part of the growing community of members in Latin America – making SCN members a reference to other parts of the network



If you have requests for Buenos Aires or other parts of Argentina, please don’t hesitate to contact with:

Gustavo Costantini
SCN Contact // Int. Sales
T: +541143140678
M: +5491167091032