Zoom into: Golden Ways for Logistics (Jordan)

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SCN once again was pleased to be given a little time of a member this week to explain a bit about their specialities, interests and what they too can give to the network. This time it was Ahmad Omran from GWL, Jordan:

Ahmad was able to give us a quick “virtual” tour of his new offices, stylishly designed with logistics traffic in mind. Key staff are able to work in the offices while others work from home due to current covid restrictions.

Golden Ways for Logistics covers all of Jordan territory from their offices in the port city of Aqaba and head office in Amman. In both locations they also operate container yards for all major shipping lines which helps them to be more agile in the positioning and reception of the containers. A separate company in the group handles container cleaning/repairs for the lines.

Although ocean freight represents a majority of the companies logistics moves, they are also fully operative in AMM airport, allowing them to serve both Jordan and all transhipment points to neighbouring countries.

As for specializations, Golden Ways is available and capable of all types, including breakbulk, AOG and also military cargo. Merchandise type? You name it, they move it!

Jordan, like much of the rest of the world is currently affected by covid-19, although not as badly paralysed as many locations. Let us hope that will soon pass, so the country can live up to its full potential


If you have requests for Jordan and surrounding area, please don’t hesitate to contact with:

Ahmad Omran