Zoom into: Leadership Freight (Colombia, Brazil, Italy & USA)

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As we continue our virtual trip around SCN members, we’re very pleased to have been able to meet up with LEADERSHIP FREIGHT GROUP.

Many of you know Wagner Luiz, from many recent conferences – and also more recently Gilberto Lopes (Milan, Italy). We were pleased to be joined by Edilberto, Maira and Bibiana also from their offices in Colombia

From its roots in Brasil, Leadership has now spread within Brasil with its offices and fleet of own trucks to give coverage over the whole of southern Brasil, coordinated through offices in Caixas do Sul, Itajai and of course Sao Paulo. Check with them for the various options that they have to give optimal service.

Due to the relationship that their CEO, Sergio Matos has with traffic in Colombia, the company naturally grew into that market opening offices in Bogotá and later Medellín. This was possible due to the close partnership with the office in Colombia – a relationship that remains to this day. Leadership Colombia has developed various niche markets, notably marble FCLs (…time to contact them if you’re involved with that!), aircraft parts (AOG) and also military projects and equipment. Agent focused on military cargo have been particualrly important for shipments between USA and Colombia – and they’d be more than interested in speaking to you if you had similar focuses in your company!

Leadership has further grown with offices in Miami USA and later to Milan, Italy. All these expansions have been thanks to the confidence and excellent personal relationship with the key person in the office. Growth of the group has not been by franchises, but instead with partnerships between Leadership Brasil and the managing Directors in each other locations.

This has given a strong base from which the company has been able to focus on a national level and collaborate on a global level (of course, with the help of SCN members too in other locations!).

Leadership Freight Group has become since 2011 a reference for collaboration with many SCN members and they are interested in forming close contacts with many more members. Although they are involved in other networks (ok….who isn’t, eh?) the long term benefits of agents in SCN is their current focus towards global partners.


Interested in knowing more about your networking possibilites with Leadership…?