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Many thanks to Richard Arnold, from Quick Cargo (UK) for joinin us on another “Zoom into SCN” session. It was great to be able to learn more about their company and specializations and assit them with getting more out of the network.

Although Quick Cargo UK is one of SCN’s oldest members, Richard Arnold’s contact with the network has been relatively recent, although his integration into the network is certainly an enthusiastic one.

While we are all keeping a very close eye on digital progression it is refreshing to hear that Quick Cargo is also listening ever closer to what clients have to say. The personal touch of a medium sized forwarder allows for clients to be understood and better attended to than more automated approaches.

Quick Cargo has found itself specializing more on certain types of merchandise due to in depth knowledge of procedures and the players in those areas. One example is a full assesment of customs procedures for swimwear into United Kingdom, which allowed Quick Cargo to later target swimwear importers with concrete benefits for their imports. Similar experiences with cosmetics and skin care products has allowed consulting of packaging for cosmetics and cosmetics companies to be put in touch.

These contacts and other consulting that forwarders do is defined by Richard as “Global Trade Management”. Who needs a business consultant, when a freight forwarder has many more active contacts to be able to pass round? Quick is very open to hear details of specializations of services from other SCN members, as we are too.

Quick Cargo (UK) is part of a larger group who’s head quarters is in Germany with offices in Poland, Denmark, Switzerland and Holland. The collaboration with corporate HQ and other offices, through the franchising of offices allows both the flexibilty to tend to the local market, and enjoy some of the benefits of a larger operations. Quick Cargo UK is of course very consious of the implications of BREXIT on trade and logistics movements for the UK market – although trade agreements and the costs are one side of it. What is already clear to Richard is that there WILL be customs clearances and additional services that need to be provided, whatever the negotiations between UK and EU bring. Let us know what YOU think Brexit will bring in terms of change.


Thanks for zooming into SCN!

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