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Many thanks to ADV Logistics (Mexico) for joinin us on another “Zoom into SCN” session. it was great to be able to learn more about their company and specializations and assit them with getting more out of the network


ADV Logistics is better known to the longer standing members as Diaz de Vega, S.C. and has been covering Mexico from the ports of Veracruz on the Atlantic/Carribean coast to Manzanillo on the Pacific. Apart from freight forwarding and customs services the company has been deeply involved in port operations and warehousing in both of those locations for the past 30 years.



More recently, ADV Logistics has greatly developed another trade lane and customs point, namely the border at Laredo & Nuevo Laredo with the associated traffic going between Mexico and USA. Their customs capabilities plus also now warehouse services at the border has allowed them to grow their client base substantially. Goods include machinery, vehicle parts, foodstuff and many more. So, if you’re a US agent needing a smooth entry point and entry service into or out of Mexico, time to connect up with ADV!


ADV Logistics is now integrating Cargowise into their operating system. The group already used some of Cargowise’s services for port movements in Veracruz port making it a logical choice of program for its logistics operations. Once up and running, Yamile Reyes tells us that they hope to be able to connect more effectively with agents worldwide, both Cargowise users and others.


ADV Logistics will also be looking to collaborate and connect up with more SCN members following 8 succesful  years of networking….and we hope many more to come

Thanks for your time….and we look forward to continuing to network with ADV Logistica: Mexico (Veracruz, Manzanillo) & USA (Laredo)



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Thanks for zooming into SCN!

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