Zoom into SCN: Best Services Int’l Freight Ltd. (China)

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This week we have been fortunate to have meet up with Best Services International – BSI to their many friends, to talk about their push to digitalization. Once more, an SCN member has pleasantly surprised us with their working system and interest to participate more in the networking of our community.



Although we all see the need for more digitalization within logistics companies, few have gone so far as BSI. What started as an interest to improve has developed into a department of 40 IT professionals in their Shenzhen branch, who have worked for the past 10 years to develop and now improve their integrated system. This, in part is done through their digital brand www.GOTOFREIGHT.comwhich allows manufacturers, shippers, local service providers and agents to come to one platform with their logistics requirements.

Logged on companies can get full rating on both inbound and outbound routes via airfreight and seafreight, allowing a smooth integration of digital bookings of BSI’s many services, including most recently its wide range of air charter space.


We were not only lucky to have a full explanation of the system by Lydia Lin, but also an invitation to SCN members to look to the next phase, whereby an increasing focus will be put on international members and their rate and service integration. If you’d like to discuss the possibilites of providing BSI with rates for their platform, please let them know.

To hear more from BSI and other members around the network discussing how they have risen to the digital challenge, please also remember to connect up to our next cybermeeting, letting us know before if you’d like to share some details of what you’re doing.

Many thanks again to Best Services International (BSI) for their time and presentation.

For more info from them, please connect up with:

    • BSI – Shenzhen, China

If you’d like to connect up with us to get up to date with SCN plans and share information about your company, please let us know!