Zoom into SCN: Kiy Avia Cargo Ltd (Kyiv, Ukraine)

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Many thanks to one of our newest members to SCN, KIY AVIA CARGO, (Kiev, Ukraine) for joining us at Zoom in this week. Kostiantyn Grynko, Maria Grynko and Sergey Matushyk told us more about the Ukraine economy and the coverage offered by Kiy Avia throughout the country.

Kostiantyn proudly tells us that Ukraine is like a bridge, between Europe and CIS countries. By that he refers to the trade and cultural ties that the country has on both sides. It trades with countries such as Georgia, Azerbaijan and others in Caucasus, just as it does with western europe and the rest of the world, and with 38 million inhabitants, it is a force to be reckoned with! Major export products include agricultural produce (milk, honey, nuts, oil), machinery, chemicals and many others.

Kiy Avia Cargo was founded in 2002 and now operates in all aspects of logistics and covers the whole country with their air, ocean and truck services. They offer customs services at all borders, airport and ports. 80% of imports the company handles comes in from China and the far east, and they are eager to make partners with members in China and the region to improve services and prices in a competitive market – particularly for airfreight, where rates are always now a problem!

Among their capabilities, Kiy Avia specialises in relocation & household shipments in part due to their association with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. This includes live animals – both pets and other animal moves. They also specialise in logistics of fine art for museums, individuals and corporations. If you also have these focuses, you should be in contact!

Apart from agents to develop logistics moves, Kiy Avia is also now looking towards agents for trading, to further widen the scope of their business. We are sure there is much potential there too within the SCN network

As an important note, Kiy Avia indicates that members should all sign a simple collaboration agreement and send a tax registration document. This is for Ukranian bueaucratic purposes and help to make all go smoothly for fiscal purposes. Thanks for your understanding on that point.



We very much hope to be seeing a lot of Kiy Avia in the near future. Unfortunately they did not join in time for our regional conference in Tbilisi in Oct 2019, but we are very pleased to have them with us to further develop the CIS and Caucasus region of SCNers.


Thanks for zooming into SCN and Welcome Kiy Avia!


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