Zoom into SCN….Let’s get to know each other better

Member News

A year ago, if you can think that far back to a Pre-Covid-19 world, a majority of people hated video calls.

Now, “thanks to Corona virus”, we are increasingly used to having them!….even if few of us have actually started to like them. Who wouldn’t prefer to meet up face to face….unfortunately, not an option.


With that in mind, we’ve started a round of One-to-One video meetings so that we can show you what we’re doing in SCN and also to make it easier for you to share what you are doing too. Who wants to read a manual of how to update a profile, when we can simply walk you through it and do it together!


Many thanks to Justin Lucilla of Best Logistics (Tenerife, Spain) for giving us 30 mins of his time allowing us to discuss:


  • Situation of the Canary Island and the economy – suffering due to tourism drop….but staying active!
  • Specializations of Best – from home removals to own consolidations to/from Canary Islands and increasingly now warehousing
  • Digitalization – Best is very enthusiastic about getting rates on line to give true visibility and efficiency
  • Cyber-meetings – Justin seems to enjoy these, and is usually there, especially for subjects that directly affect
  • Conferences & travel – its currently looking bad, but let us hope that next year we’ll be able to do it again

We were also pleased to be able to explain more on our objectives for promoting members’ material after the summer

If you too would like to share a few minutes of your day so we can discuss making your membership more effective, please let us know and we’ll set it up at an appropriate time.


Drop us a note and we’ll set it all up



“It doesn’t cost much to keep in touch!”