Zoom into: Tranexteint S.A. (Ecuador)

Member News


SCN once again was pleased to be given a little time of a member this week to explain about their specialities, interests and what they too can give to the network. This time it was Gabriela Pozo from Tranexteint (Quito, Ecuador)

Just as Tranexteint arrives at their tenth year of membership in the SCN network (just a few monthy left for that!) their native Ecuador is going through a difficult moment due to Covid-19 and its effects on the economy. Many companies, Gabriela included, currently work from home following a recent surge in infection numbers after Christmas and recent elections

However, Tranexteint has managed to keep going and despite an overall drop in trade of about 40% last year, this year there are signs of recovery. Rates from China are (of course) exceptionally high, but inbound cargo from there has continued

However, the major focus of Tranexteint has continued to be their work within Latin America, including regular moves of:

  • Textil and yarns from Ecuador to Brasil, Honduras, Guatemala and other parts of Central and Southern America
  • Cotton to Argentina and other locations by ocean freight and multimodal
  • Tuna to Argentina and other locations
  • Polipropelin to South Amercian destinations
  • Regular movements between Miami and Ecuador
  • Imports from China and other Far East origins.


TRANEXTEINT also continues to have other moves from Europe and other locations for which is it pleased to be able to count on the support of various SCN members – being able to count on solid agents and work with confidence due to payment guarnatees is especially important in these times.

We thank TRANEXTEINT for forming part of the increasingly strong presence that SCN has in Latin America.

If you have shipments in this region, remember to check with us or your SCN members for possibilites of solid and guaranteed support.




If you have requests for Ecuador, please don’t hesitate to contact with: