2023: 19th Annual SCN International Conference Announcement!

Event News


Following the success of the 18th Annual SCN International Conference in the city of Bangkok in 2022, SCN is excited to announce this year’s conference destination for 2023: Ho Chi Ming, VIETNAM.

The capital and most populous city of Vietnam, will host in 2023 the 19th edition of our annual Conference


Ho Chi Minh City is a major centre for finance, media, technology, education, and transportation. The city generates nearly a quarter of the county’s total GDP, and is home to many multinational companies. Today, Ho Chi Minh City, along with its surrounding provinces, is described as “the manufacturing hub” of Vietnam, and “an attractive business hub”.
As all of you know, the Annual SCN Conference it’s a great opportunity for all our members. The Conference allows the community to meet and have face-to-face contact promoting, in the future, more productive business relations and collaborations.




As we always do, we have prepared our special website dedicated to all the SCN Events, in there you will find all the information required to start preparing and organising your meeting experience.



SAVE THE DATE !!……..10th to 13th of October, 2023