19th SCN International Conference Ho Chi Minh- “Scheduler now open”

Event News





Hi SCNers,

We hope you are getting ready for our next Conference in HCM, Vietnam!

The scheduler has been open since the 12th September so what are you waiting for to book those meeting??

Many 1:1 meetings are already booked, have you done yours!


For those who are using SCN’s scheduler for the first time, you can find it on MAIN SCN web page. https://www.securitycargonetwork.com/

Go to:

“MY ACCOUNT” (top navigation bar)

“CONFERENCE SCHEDULER”  (blue navitation bar of my account)

(For this, you will need to be logged on.)



Scheduler will close on the 4th October so ensure you have all your 1:1 meetings booked before hand.

If you have any issues with the scheduler or your agenda, please get in touch with Sophie and she will get things sorted for you; smancebo@securitycargonetwork.com