SCN Cybermeeting – “ Sustainability in Logistics……HOW?” REPORT

Event News

SCN CYBERMEETING  –  Wednesday 29th November 2023

Many thanks to the SCN members and others in our industry for joining us for our SCN Cybermeeting on SUSTAINABILITY IN LOGISTICS.

Among those joining us were Lee Gipson (Merzario, UK) and Maria Simon (Cotransa, Spain). Of particular interest was their personal experiences on getting their companies ready for sustainable requirements, both on a legislation level and also for what their clients have already started asking them to provide. We were also joined by Fran Ellington (Tripple Bottom Line Accounting) who helped to asses Lee at Merzario on his own journey to a sustainability program and also Sanj Matharu (Pledge) who is SCN’s new partner for sustainability, providing among other services, Carbon Counting software for measuring emissions.

The process of sustainability for MERZARIO and COTRANSA has consited of:

  1. Plan of own (Scope 1 & 2) emissions of forwarding activity
  2. Integration of software for fowrading clients to measure their activity
  3. Consideration of off-setting options towards net-Zero

Importers and exporters in Europe will shortly be required by law to declare their emissions, so NOW is the time to prepare if you’re in Europe or if you work with European clients. Other markets will follow soon behind, notably USA next year, so finding out what is needed BEFORE legislation hits will give your fowarding company a head start.

To help you with that, here are our resource links:

Presentation of Sustainability plan for forwarders by Maria Simon (Cotransa) & Lee Gipson (Merzario)

Sustainability in Logistics – by Fran Ellington

Try PLEDGE’s carbon emissions calculations on SCN’s web.

Many thanks for all the SCN members who joined us on our three time slots, for their contributions and interest in taking carbon emissions from logistics

We look forward to revisiting the topic in the near future.

Next SCN Cybermeeting is planned to discuss SCN’s Payment Hub. Join us if you want to make it EASIER and CHEAPER to send and receive statements from your agents around the SCN network and also make safe and cheap payments to SCN agents for invoices


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