Best Services International Freight Ltd – Ball Mill Shipment

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Recently BSI team has managed the delivery of 1 unit oversized ball mill from Foshan,China to Karachi, Pakistan.

  • Description: 1 unit ball mill
  • L*W*H: 9.5M*4.1M*4.1M
  • G/W:38TONS
  • Inco Term: EXW Foshan,China

It took 4 days to complete the delivery by road with a route distance of 1600 km from Foshan factory to POL-Shanghai.

Generally, oversized cargo need loading from truck to BB vessel directly. BSI team arranged discharging at POL to avoid 20days truck detention due to heavy port congestion at Shanghai port. It has saved more than USD5000 for customer.

Best Services International Freight Ltd has 30+ branch offices at main ports of China. Our project cargo team has rich experience in project cargo & heavy lift field. We will provide tailored solution for your project cargo.

BSI project team’ scope of services included the following:


  • RO/RO cargo.
  • Heavy lift cargo.
  • Oil field equipment.
  • Steel product.
  • Wind power generation equipment.
  • Vehicles.
  • Other general break bulk cargo.







If you require further information, please contact:


Emmett Zheng
General Manager – Ocean freight