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The new SCN web is now not so new!

As you have seen, we completly changed our SCN website with a view not only to make it more attractive, but also to allow more functionality for members. It is always a bit tiring to get used to a new functioning website, but as it has ben with you for some months, now it is time to ask:

How is it for you?

The idea is that….

  • You can easily find other members & contacts
  • Your profile and specialities can be easily adjusted ….by you.
  • Your news is highlighted, and you can see what others have done
  • You can add users easily
  • We can scale up the function as they become of interest

Before we move ahead with additional functions between members, we’d like to know your thoughts. We may be able to apply some of them in the forthcoming revision.

Please, send us your comments, your requirements and all that feedback that’s going to make us improve every day.

Contact us: