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We’re glad to share one of the many focuses of  our member from USA, Custodia Freight Services.  Fine arts and furniture packing.


“The fine art we do includes pick ups the goods at auction or the dealer, stores, packs and then delivers to the CFS or airport warehouse based on our booking and then they ship out.

We also handle white glove furniture from the UK including large & expensive garden umbrellas from Switzerland that usually require some extra effort and services at delivery  to the residence to get them in the yard or around the residence with our own services or subcontracted by us.

On outbound, we have a network of crating & white glove companies all over the USA so if it is a job in another state, I have the shipment delivered from the airport or CFS to his agent and then they do the white glove delivery.

We’ve also handled the moving of a Billionaires home belongings and furniture where he picked up all the stuff from this mansion, crated and inventoried everything and then loaded in 5 CTNR’s that we shipped to Algeciras and then he coordinated the uncrating and getting the goods in the new house that he had bought in Spain.”


……it looks like Matt is handling some pretty delicate shipments. We hope the clients are appreciative of the extra care



If you require further information, check out Custodia Freights web site or directly contact Matt himself:


Matthew Boulton
T: +6267656053
M: +626 807-0181


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