Discussion Group 2 – The Future of Air Cargo

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Discussion Group 2 – The Future of Air Cargo

2020 has been a VERY bumpy ride for so many companies, although few have suffered more than airlines and companies dedicated to air cargo. Drastic changes in movement have caused the need to modify business models.
What has happened to airlines and what can we expect in the future.
More to the point….what do we, as clients want from them?
We opened the discussion for a better understanding with the kind collaboration of two very different airlines: TAP Cargo & Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines, which has had an established air cargo division sincce before Covid-19, has pushed forward and developed further with increased destinations for cargo to make it become the world’s 8th largest cargo carrier, with sights on being in the top 5 by 2023. A very positive and view of their future

TAP has experieced a difficult situation from a much lower base, due to its higher percentage of passenger income pre-covid. Bernando Nunes stresses the need for agility and flexibility of the airlines and signals that airfreight rates will most probably maintain at their high level for the forseeable future.

Due to the current high demand of cargo by airfreight, there is clearly a bright future for the air cargo industry. Have a listen in to what SCN members and our invited air lines have to say on the subject

A special thanks to Gülçin Gulkilik of Turkish Airlines and Bernardo Nunes of TAP Air Cargo for their attendance and insight.















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