GSFS Logistics (Doha, Qatar) – Sea/Air rates: China through DXB to EU & US – A new look

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When cargo space is from Asia to Europe and USA is so critical and rates are so unpredictable, we need to be looking at alternatives to keep importers served as they deserve. Instead of fighting for a slot on a flight from China to JFK or to FRA, take a fresh look at:

SEA-AIR and AIR-AIR services through Dubai with Gulf Star Freight Forwarding

“We have been continuously handling SEA-AIR garment business from Bangladesh , Sri Lanka and Vietnam to Europe via Dubai but now due to COVID -19 we are stuck. Due to the present China critical space situation that this could be a good solution for non urgent business where the client can accept longer days of transit time.

During this pandemic situation, the flights in China are fully booked for more than a week to most of the destinations. We have worked out the best rates for you to sell and see if we can together secure the business. 

Click for rates and services:          Gulf Star Freight Sea – Air and Air to Air Consolidation Charges

Work with your regular partner in China (or ask us for suggestions) and get the right service solution through Dubai.


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