Internship of Haroun Demuynck (Blue Axis, Dubai) to Best Services Int. (China)

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Internship of Haroun Demuynck (Blue Axis, Dubai) to Best Services Int. (China)

Haroun Demuynck from Blue Axis in Dubai has started an Internship at BSI Hong Kong for a one month. This new activity for SCN members allows them to exchange working practices and of course, to learn about different cultures from all SCN member’s countries.

According to Jameel from Blue Axis:  Haroun has already been in their Team building exercises and extremely impressed by their approach and professionalism. He is enjoying his stay and making new friends and contacts and he has even picked up a few Chinese words”.

Rain Ko from BSI Hong Kong is coordinating Haroun’s adventure, teaching him the working methodology of BSI, sending to Blue Axis periodic reports of his progress and understanding of the processes, as well as the different parts of Hong Kong and its culture. She has kindly answered some questions we have asked her:

  1. Do you think that the internship has helped relationships between Blue Axis and BSI (or is it more a valuable work experience for Haroun?)

I would say both. First, that is really a great work experience for Haroun, I trained him  and monitor his progress myself. He could even do the actual jobs inside BSI to know more about ocean freight and air freight from China.

Maybe one month is too short, but lucky that we manage to let him try as many as possible. It has been two weeks for his stay, he handles two jobs between BSI and our partner in SCN group, he should have learnt a lot from it. He even has the chance to send a quote to Blue Axis today on behalf of BSI.

Second, and would be the most important, it helped Blue Axis and BSI to know more about each other. My boss is so great to accept this internship and it is also my honour to in charge of the intern this time.

And BSI would surely extend the deeper cooperation with Blue Axis.

  1. Has your team enjoyed and learnt anything back from having Haroun as an intern?

Yes, my team also enjoyed staying with Haroun. They could practice English with Haroun, and Haroun also share his experience to our colleague.  They are all young and they could talk with each other on different topics.

  1. Would you consider sending any of your staff to a location for a similar experience?

For sure if my boss also agrees, and it is really a valuable experience. I hope I have this kind of chance too. But one thing to be consider is that if the agents that accept the internship is well prepare enough for the trainee or not.

For me, except working inside the office, I also arrange my colleague take turn to take care of him for weekdays, and I am the one who always arrange his entertainment during his weekend so that to make his stay memorisable.

And I also arrange his trip to our Shenzhen office, which Jessica stays, two offices joined and arranged everything together.  The relationship in between two agents should be close enough and it is also depending on the people who would be in charge.

From SCN, we would like to thank both members for starting the internships initiative. We hope that many more members can become interested in the future, in an aim to foster trust and commitment among members.

If you are interested in starting an Internship with another member, contact us and we will explain how!