Looking back – Dave Lucia Interview (2002)

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Our thanks to SCN member in Belgium, Robert Vermetten (TPL, Antwerp & Brussels, BELGIUM) for passing on this article from 2002.

The intimate chat with SCN founder, Dave Lucia makes for interesting reading of the values of the network at that time. Much has happened in the past 19 years, but there is clearly still a need for the contact between members and the “offer a neutral third-party oversight of member-to-member relations”

We are continualy working on the future, which clearly has a much more digital way of connecting us all up – but without the “Personal Touch” behind it all, we would be so much less of a network. If you’re interested in connecting up more, we look forward to you takng the next steps with us!



The personal touch

Industrial Focus has an intimate chat with Dave Lucia, Security Cargo Network president.