Norman Krieger, Inc. (New York/New Jersey) – Cargo Alert

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As of today, March 20th, “Shelter in Place” orders exist in California and New York.  New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has stated he is planning to issue a similar order on Saturday. This comes as no surprise to us, we have been ahead of the curve to implement strategies to ensure continued, seamless operations and service. As a provider of essential transportation and logistics services, Krieger Worldwide offices continue to manage and maintain operations with staggered hours/shifts, as well as remote work options.  Here is a quick status update of each Krieger Worldwide branch:

Los Angeles / New Jersey /  San Diego offices: These three branches of NKI have been instituting staggered work shifts, as well as remote work options for our higher risk individuals.

Calexico office: Working remotely from home with full capability.

Hong Kong office: Our staff has been primarily working remotely for many months.

CXO and SD warehouses: Will remain open, although our hours may be changing.

Rest assured- we are following all WHO and CDC requirements and keeping our staff safe!  There remains a strong effort amongst our staff and team to continue to push and move freight and commerce forward.  We’re open for business at every location to serve you!


Here’s an update on the current status of some of the seaports where much of your cargo is entering into or exiting from:

LA/LB:  All terminals operating.

Oakland: – All terminals operating.

NWSPA:  – All terminals operating.

Newark:  – All terminals operating.

Houston: – On March 19th, 2020, the Port of Houston temporarily closed two of its terminals after an employee at the port tested positive for COVID-19. The worker and those who came into contact with him were placed into two-week quarantine, and the port was reopened at 7:00PM local time to work the ships. It resumed its normal operation after 7:00AM on March 20th

Mexico Border (SAN, CXL, TECATE): Border cargo operations remain unaffected.

A few other industry happenings and updates:

  • Due to the effect COVID-19 is having on the Trade industry, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is accepting requests for duty-payment extensions.  Please contact your customer service representative for further information and details.
  • We are seeing some trucking companies cut their hours of delivery. We will work with you and continue to coordinate deliveries.
  • Airfreight options from China exist and the rates/services vary.
  • Airfreight from many origins either doesn’t exist, or has become very expensive

In these challenging times, and always, we remain committed to meeting or exceeding your needs.  “Together, we can!”

If you have any questions, please contact your Krieger Worldwide Representative.