OCAM Australia special camping equipment products sale

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As SCN reaches out to members with the implementation of SCN’s TRADE EXCHANGE service, to see what PRODUCTS SCN members are handling around the globe, we are always pleased to talk of a success story as a member focuses on a market and making a mark for itself!

While continuing to handle all types of cargo, OCAM has jumped into the market of 4×4 car accesories. Inspired no doubt by the great outback of Australia to get out and explore, to a market niche that has bred into a full e-Commerce focus for Ocam Global Logistics into:

Ocam 4×4 Accessories

Supported by a dedicated customer service team in Australia and a team developing in the Philippines, they are specialized in e-commerce. Their operations are geared for rapid handling and dispatch of online orders (within 24 hours), with seamless info transfer and local carrier delivery efficiency.


Although primarily e-commerce driven, they have 4 physical stores (showrooms/warehouses) in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney….although we hear that their products are enjoyed in much more remote locations throughout the country!





For further information on how OCAM has transitioned from a Australian Forwarder to a forwarder who also has made a mark for itself in the 4×4 accesories market (or simply to ask for some routes in the outback in Australia!) why not contact:



Peter Gorgievski