SCN 18th International Conference Bangkok, Thailand – REPORT

Event News

What an event!

We’re back with our head’s full of ideas, promises and intentions after SCN’s 18th International Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. Maybe the most interactive, with most participation….certainly the longest awaited conference after a break only slightly filled by those faces on screens for video calls!


At Bangkok, SCN members & partners have just come together in person for a meaningful and collaborative annual conference. 180 logistics professionals from around the world had their first opportunity in over two and a half years to come together and share ideas, learn of other’s specialities, and look into possibilities of connections between their companies.

An informal start to the meeting allowed SCNers to discover the city a little and mix and chat, before we get down to some business, with our team-building city tour and golf tournament.

A welcome cocktail allowed members to catch up on those last two years of covid and its implications for their countries and companies

Presentations of new members and new ideas. SCN is especially pleased to be able to become the logistics professionals behind REBOUND, a recycled plastic platform ensuring correct use of recycled material. Also, a platform for trade between members and SCN Data Hub, allowing smoother Data Integration between SCN members, whatever their IT system or location.

One-to-One meetings make up the backbone of the meeting, with focused concentrated meetings to move ahead with the collaborations between individual members, or to initiate those contacts and collaborations.

Apart from many interesting conclusions,  I think we can all agree how fortunate we are to be together and communicative in these changing times to make sure we prosper together.  The human element of logistics and SCN was shown once more to be a driving force behind collaboration between us.

We thank all SCN members and partners who were able to join us and special mention to our Conference Sponsors who helped us “make the magic” to create a great atmosphere!

SCNers want to be TOGETHER.  Be part of #SCNcommunity


Lets share our #SCN Bangkok 2022 photos! HERE