SCN Connection Week 2021- REPORT

Event News


December is a busy time every year – and this year even worse! For that reason we would like to give a special thanks for all who were able to connect up and exchange details on their services and cargo during SCN’s CONNECTION WEEK.

A full week of meetings, contacts and discussions around the network. Noone took up a whole week – but those few hours that members gave up were quickly filled with a total of 1463 engagements between SCN members, partners and invited guests!


SCN wants more than anyone to get back to physical meeetings – but although limited international travel is possible, putting 200 people into one room is a very different challenge and it will be some time before that happens. We are very happy to hear these feedback comments from SCN members:

  • “It’s perfect, good chance to get the contacts and communications” – Emmett Zheng (BSI, Tianjin, China)
  • “Some new and some old contacts, always fruitful to meet existing and new partner and of course always happy to see some friends at least online” Stefan Wischrath (MBS, FRA Germany)
  • “We made some new contacts and start working with them!” Lakshmi Suresh (Maxline Global Dubai, UAE)
  • “the format gives a lot of flexibilitiy” – Damian Kaczkowski (Alfa Forwarding, Poland)
  • ” some new Agents are optimistic and they already started communicating with us on their shipments.” Roshan (Sedres, Saudi Arabia)


Cyber Meeting – SCN’s DATA HUB

As for our Cybermeeting, held during our Connection Week, we were very pleased to be able to explain more about where we see networking heading – operative integration between different TMS. Not an easy task, but we see that many SCN members see the same benefits.

Forwarders with agents in other countries working on the same TMS and IT system, can connect up to get the benefit of time saving and error reduction that occurs when a digital file, instead of a manual transmision of a shipment occurs. However, ALL independant forwarder work with many agents, meaning that a different system is necessary. Either you continue to double entry info from PDFs on an email,  make (and pay for) hundreds of individual bilateral integrations – or you sign up to SCN’s DATA HUB


Want to know more? Want to be an early connected company? Contact us and let us know.


Thanks again for all the networking!