SCN Cyber Meeting: “Airfreight Rates & Data” – REPORT

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Tuesday 3rd May, 2022 – Airfreight Rates & Data


Many thanks once more for all the SCN members who took a little of their time to connect up with our invited guests to understand and discuss if Airfreight Rates & Data.

Our guests from WebCargo / Freightos who kindly explained more about the DATA behind your airfreights:

  • Judah Levine, Head of Research, Freightos Group
  • Ethan Buchman, CMO, WebCargo
  • Alexandra Escanero, Biz Development Manager, WebCargo

Exceptionally interesting insight as to what can be extracted in data from freight movements and rates, to see the extend of rate increase with effects on airfreight cargo transport, such as lock downs in China, the war in Ukraine and the roller coaster that our “Covid-times” have been for logistics.



…so, what did we conclude?

With an exponential increase in the ability to track rates and what is causing their changes, come the need to be connected to the data. This allows airlines to better match supply and demand to give efficient and effective pricing and utilisation of their space which ultimately gives better rates for importers and exporters.

The logistics industry has already made unprecedented changes and more are to come. This can give opportunites for welcoming new talent, moving goods more efficiently and improving planning…or NOT, if we ignore the potential that data provides us

The role of freight forwarder remains essential in giving a deeper understanding of the clients needs and preferences, as well as keeping the airlines in check of the effectiveness of their service. However, this requires embracing technology while maintaining a human contact where that becomes necessary.

Would you agree?


If you want to look forward to 2030 and see where they suggest we’ll be, take a look at the cybermeeting videos:

Asia Cybermeeting

EU/AF Cybermeeting

Americas Cybermeeting




We look forward to another open debate, with some invited specialists, in June’s SCN Cybermeeting. JOIN US! If you enjoy interacting with logistics professionals and understanding where the pulse of forwarding is, you should give it a try





What would YOU like to be discussed in SCN’s next Cybermeeting?

  • Young Talent: Attracting new staff and changing habits.
  • Digitally connected: How do hundreds integrate?
  • What are the logistics implications of the war on Ukraine?
  • Conferencing after Covid – what has changed? What do we now want?
  • ….your choice


Let us know what you think..!