SCN Cyber Meeting – “Digitalization in Logistics 2020” – REPORT

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Wednesday 30th September, 2020 Digitalization in Logistics

Many thanks once more for the many faces and voices that connected and came along to our cybermeeting this week on DIGITALIZATION. Of course on the eve of Golden Week in China was not the most convenient time for many members to connect up, but we still had three wide and varied conversations on the matter.

The meeting was kicked off by Rotra (Holland & Belgium) who have recently launched their portal of “My Rotra” giving them a fully digitalised system for their clients – and some additional clients since launching too. they were looking for feedback on what they have done and to share ideas with fellow SCN members.

Before that, Machiel of Rotra asked the important question of what forwarder’s strategies be in these times: Specialize or digitalize? Many members expressed that their clients are frankly NOT showing a demand for digitalised services: tracking, on line booking, on line rates. This seems to be leading to a great interest but a somewhat hesitant one in implementation considering the changes that it requires for logistics companies.

We were also most fortunate to have the presentations of Best Services Int – BSI (China) to their friends (special thanks to Lydia Lin for postponing her holiday trip) who showed us some of their on line pricing system named BSI are now actively looking for SCN members who can integrate into their system to provide them with wider coverage for clients (and to provide YOU all with more shipments!). If you are interested and in a digital position where you can connect up with them, please let us know.


Of course the development by Rotra and BSI is considerable in both time and economic resources. As an alternative, we were also joined by our partner Cargowise .(Frankly, they seemed very impressed with what they saw from members!!). They of course are able to provide a digital overhaul for all forwarders globally and in fact are already working with about 20 members of SCN.

Personally, I would conclude that digitalization is not a jump or step, but instead a “journey”. It seems never the right time to start it, it may not be requested currently by clients. what is right for one member (or country) will not be the same for another….and above all, we need to avoid losing the contact with the clients on a personal manner, as we remind ourselves that we are here to provide a service….and to pick up the pieces if all goes wrong!

Many thanks once more for the meny members who joined our sessions.

I encourage ALL members to give it a try – listen in to what other members are doing and saying….and be part of the conversation of your contacts and piers around the world. After all, that’s what networking is all about, right?

Seem you in about 1 month for the next Cybermeetings


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