SCN Cyber Meeting – “Digitalization: Should freight rates be online?” – Wednesday 19th May, 2021

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Wednesday 19th May, 2021

Digitalization: When freight rates are readily available on line, will YOURS be there?  

  1. YES, the market and clients are asking for this.
  2. YES, but only to registered clients
  3. NO, we need to give value to individual issues, not drive down rates
  4. NO, this has been talk for the last 20 years (….and I have my head in the sand!)


While all forwarders fight and call to try and get space, another battle is going on in forwarding: mergers and a growing presence of multinationals. This is not new, but increased concentration of larger multinationals serves to heat up the debate of how to digitalise.

As independant forwarders, SCN members face increased challenges although with resourcefulness and resiliance. Join us to learn of the problems of price digitalization and some success stories along the way.

We are also pleased to confirm that maritime analyst, Lars Jensen will once more be joining us to give a different and analytical perspective on the subject for our European and Asian meetings. We will also be joined by Ernesto Cordero for some frank comments on our Americas meeting

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