SCN Cyber-Meeting Feedback…drop by for a coffee with us.

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It’s started! SCN has launched itself at “Cyber-contacts” and video conferencing, to make sure members can share ideas and stay in close contact in these difficult times of limited movement.

If you feel a little uncomfortable about speaking on line…..DON’T WORRY! (In fact, we feel a little strange too!)



Following the success of our “Cyber-Cocktails” on 27th March, drop by on Friday the 3rd of April to say hello, tell us how movements are in your region, and help us to shape the SCN Cyber-Meetings of the future.



Asian Meeting:           5:00 -5:30 pm BKK time.  For invitation:

European Meeting:    5:00-5:30 Pm BCN time.  For invitation:

Americas Meeting:     5:00 – 5:30 pm NYC time  For invitation:


Join us, with or without video, with or without speaking, with or without a coffee and be part of the conversation.


For more information: