SCN Cyber Meeting – “Networking through Specialization” – REPORT

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“Networking through Specialization”
Wednesday 2nd September, 2020
Many thanks to the many SCN members who joined us on our most recent Cyber meeting: Networking Through Specialization
Once more, much insight was given during our three separate meeting times. It is always interesting to consider how different areas of the world face the same issues in slightly different ways and with a different point of view.
The initial focus of the meeting was to discuss if forwarders should FOCUS on a particular aspect of forwarding to develop greater knowledge and contact base, and from that specialization, if they are able to build the contacts that lead to further traffic generation
Of course on specializing, it is possible that the forwarder gets associated excessively with that specialization and this can lead to missed opportunities. These are not times when we should allow opportunities to be missed! “I’m open to anything!” was the sentiment expressed by more than one of our members
With the SCNers, we discussed not just specializing in types of logistics, but also in merchandise type and geographical trade lane specialization creating preferential rates and services and a stable client base (as far as stable is possible)
Others insisted on the need to be agile and reflect the changing needs of clients to serve them better, instead of making a concerted effort to focus on a trade. Yet more members, particularly members in regions who’s economies have been most heavily hit by the effects of Covid 19, are simply focusing on survival! The vast price movements can undermine client confidence unless you are close to them – especially important when many importers are also struggling to keep their businesses afloat.
The members of our “SCN Americas Meeting” (in Spanish) were particularly wary of the serious economic situation and debate turned to digitalization – obviously there is some more time to apply changes within companies, although with funds tighter than ever, the right decision is essential. We’ll be revisiting this subject in more detail on our next meetings.
Our cyber meetings are not meant to solve your problems, but all who attend get some guidance from others going through the same issues and it is most constructive to give and receive advice to other SCNers.
Many thanks once more for all who attended, shared their views and helped to promote the SCN community.
Join us and be part of the conversation for our next cyber meeting on 30th September. We will be discussing the best way and the problems of becoming more digitalized in an increasingly digitalized world. Does personal service get affected? Is it affordable….or can you afford not to?. Join us to share your thoughts….and do a little networking in the process!