SCN Cyber Meeting: Ready for post-pandemic normality in Forwarding? – REPORT

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Thursday 10th March, 2022 – Ready for post-pandemic normality in Forwarding?


Many thanks once more for all the SCN members who took a little of their time to connect up with our two invited guests to understand and discuss if we are ready for “getting back to normal” in ocean freight logistics and indeed what that “normal” is.

Lars Jensen, renowned analyst and CEO of Vespucci Maritime briefly explained where we wwere last year as the pandemic hit and pained a frankly gloomy picture for freight forwarders who were not prepared and aware of the situation we are currently in. Congestion at ports and backlogs are set to get much worse, particularly in USA Pacific, according to Jensen. Current downward adjustments in rates must be seen in perspective and a new normal will be some time coming. Once we’re there, the battle of who is in control of cargo in an increasingly visible market heats up. Freight forwarders always have a place in the market but what size and what role is currently in the making.

If you want to look forward to 2030 and see where he suggests we’ll be, take a look at the presentation yourself:

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It was also refreshing to be in conversation with Cesar Falcon of ONE – it is not frequent that shipping lines are prepared to debate with forwarders these days and we hope that this is the start of a new availability to disscusison between SCN forwarders and shipping lines. (Yes, we’ve hoped for that in the past and it didn’t happen. Let us hope this time it will).

Cesar Falcón gave us the shipping line’s perspective of how we had arrived at our current situation and what it means, principally for LATAM market and its ongoing consequences. Again, it is good to see that shipping lines also see a valid and essential role for the forwarder, although it is necessary to adapt and be aware of opportunities without being confident that old models will continue.

Cesar Falcón’s presentation and debate was in Spanish for our increasingly active LATAM representation in SCN

We look forward to another open debate, with some invited specialists, in April’s SCN Cybermeeting. JOIN US!



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