SCN Cyber Meeting: “Ready for post pandemic normality in forwarding?”

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Thursday 10th March, 2022:

“Ready for post-pandemic normality in forwarding?”

One year ago, we were tracking the massive shifts in the container trade industry with container shortages, backlogs on US west coast, heavy swings in demand in many countries and we were asking:

“How many more months until we return to the status quo of before Covid-19?”

March 2022…and freight rates have not returned to pre-covid levels, backlogs and delays continue. Is this here to stay?

We are plesaed to confirm that container shipping analyst Lars Jensen will once more be with us to give his comments on the situation and for us to hear YOUR views of what is happening and where we are going with container freight tendancies. Join us on Thursday 10th March to join in the conversation –


  • SCN  Cyber Meeting (4pm BKK time – Time zone 1 – Asia/Aust).


  • SCN Cyber Meeting (5pm BCN time – Time zone 2 – Europe/Africa


(And finally in SPANISH)



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For this meeting, we extend a special invite to all shipping lines, terminals and other operators who would like to share their opinion to solve bottlenecks