SCN Cyber Meeting: The Future of Conferences – REPORT

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Wednesday 6th October, 2021 – The Future of Conferences 

Fresh from the tremendous success of our most recent SCN physical meeting, the SCN European Meet Up, we want to learn from the experience and adapt our most popular conference format, to what is possible and demanded by SCN members.

Physical, virtual, hybrid? Formal, relaxed? Global, regional? As with many aspects of life Covid 19 has given us many problems but also the chance to press the RESET button and change what we had before.

Many thanks to those of you who clicked in to attend and give their opinion on how we can shape meetings and conferences. Here are come of the personal conclusions expressed:


  • Smaller meeetings allow for more relaxed and trust building conversations with other members
  • One-to-One meetings work well to bring in new members (and more introverted ones), but can get very tiring if repeated
  • It is good to be as inclusive as possible, but we must appreciate that not all can come (or will come) and learn the value of meetings interactions
  • We should try and have physical meetings when and where possible
  • Building trust is the main objective – not just telling everyone that you can do everything!
  • …David makes a very good paella…!


If you attended and would like an attendee list, for the comments made, or the presentations given, please fell free to contact us – and above all, share your comments with us.

Let us know what you think..!