SCN Cyber Meeting – “Understanding & Developing: Ocean Freight” – REPORT

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Wednesday 20th January, 2021 Understanding & Developing: Ocean Freight 


  • Was Covid-19 to blame for the current situation of high rates & container shortages?
  • Will equipment problems in China-Pacific route spread to the rest of the world?
  • How will the Forwarder / carrier relationship be after Covid-19
  • …..When will it all get back to “normal”?


These and many other key questions of the moment were looked into by SCN members following what we all considered was an inspiring and analytical presentation from Lars Jensen of Sea Intelligence Consulting.

Many thanks to the multiple members, contacts and freinds of SCN who connected up and joined us. We hope now you “Understand Ocean Freight” a little more



To all who were not able to attend, we highly suggest that you invest 20 mins taking a look at the presentation: click here for that . Remember to leave your comment there!

On our YouTube channel, if you have a little longer, you can see the whole conversation with SCN members following the presentation. Very interesting stuff!


We are also very pleased to see our “LATIN AMERICA CYBERMEETING” continue to flourish. We recommend our Spanish Speaking members to keep connecting up for that.


We are now looking for new topics that are of interest to you (possibly regarding AIRFREIGHT) and invited guests. Let us all help out in making SCN a “Forum of debate and conversation” at a time when we all need to be together.


….so, will we see you for the next CYBERMEETING?


If you have any questions regarding this web meeting, or even questions to put to us please do not hesitate in contacting us: