SCN Cybermeeting – “From Interest to Action” – Post Conference activity

Event News

SCN CYBERMEETING  –  Tuesday 15th November 2022

We’re just back from Bangkok and the “Annual SCN Conference” – although the term annual makes us think of the last two years! With our heads spinning of new ideas, promises, possible collaborations, resolved doubts…..the REAL issue now is:



So, are you all ready to share your expericnces, interests and outcomes of the conference?  Why not connect up for our next Cybermeeting and find out how to move forward.

  • What did you especially like about the conference (and what would you like changing)
    • 20minute One-2-One meetings
    • Presentations from new members
    • Interactive Break-out groups with new projects (SCN Trade Exchange, SCN Data Hub…)
    • Enviromental activities for your company
  • Missed the conference? No problem. Connect up and see what the others thought and decided on
  • and of course…..Where are we going next year?   (Spolier Alert…it is not yet decided!)



Connect up on Tuesday 15th November, at a convenient time for you to share your experiences and impressions!

Be part of the conversation at SCN


  • SCN Cyber Meeting (4pm BKK time – Time zone 1 – Asia/Aus)

Meeting (in English) to share post Conference interests and actions

  • SCN Cyber Meeting (5pm BCN time – Time zone 2 – Europe/Africa

Meeting (in English) to share post Conference interests and actions

(And finally in SPANISH)

  • SCN Cyber Meeting (3pm MIA time – Time zone 3 – Americas – EN ESPAÑOL)

Reunión en español donde compartiremos las experiencias, intereses y acciones derivadas de la Conferencia.



What is an SCN Cybermeeting?

SCN Cybermeetings are zoom meetings of approx 45-60 mins

We hold three meetings on the same topic to allow you to join at a convenient time according to your time zone

SCN Cybermeetings are our member’s opportunity to see and be seen – hear and be heard.

SCN Cybermeetings are FREE and we encourage all members and their contacts to join us.