SCN Cybermeeting – “Just Press The Button” – Implementing Digital Progress

Event News

SCN CYBERMEETING  –  Tuesday 14th February 2023

Interested in DIGITAL PROGRESS?……How’s yours going?

  • How easy are programs to implement?
  • Does it satisfy existing clients or attract new clients?
  • Any hidden costs or options?
  • Have employees benefitted from implementation?

We’re interested in your successes and failures of digital quoting, rate management and any associated programs. We’ll be there with SCN partners, but we really want the members to talk first, instead of having another sales pitch by many.


Connect up on Tuesday 14th February, at a convenient time for you to share your experiences and impressions!

Be part of the conversation at SCN


  • SCN Cyber Meeting (5pm BCN time – Time zone 2 – Europe/Africa

Meeting (in English) to share opinions on digital pricing software and solutions you’re using

(And finally in SPANISH)

  • SCN Cyber Meeting (3pm MIA time – Time zone 3 – Americas – EN ESPAÑOL)

Reunión en español donde compartiremos las experiencias, éxitos y problemas en implementar software para digitalización de precios



What is an SCN Cybermeeting?

SCN Cybermeetings are zoom meetings of approx 45-60 mins

We hold three meetings on the same topic to allow you to join at a convenient time according to your time zone

SCN Cybermeetings are our member’s opportunity to see and be seen – hear and be heard.

SCN Cybermeetings are FREE and we encourage all members and their contacts to join us.