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Last Call for joining us at the

SCNers European Meet Up

Working to make the meeting a safe experience!


If not now, then when?

The SCNers European Meet Up is nearly here!
It’s fantastic that we can meet up with members in person once more – as least for the members fortunate enough to be with us this time.
For those who are still deciding, please register asap! We’re closing the attendees list in this limited size event. Take a look at the countries and companies already represented, we’d love to see you here too.
At our meeting in September in Alella (BCN):
  • All our attendees will be double vaccinated
  • Tests will be available just before the meeting
  • All parts of the meeting will be OUTSIDE giving better ventilation
  • All sanitary and hygiene precautions will be taken.
We have noticed massive support from SCN members and other, although understandably with many being hesitant about attending due to numbers in Europe. I make a special mention to our fabulous hotel, Hotel Arrey Alella, also Alta Alella winery with their suberb wines, where we will be having part of the meeting for their collaboration, flexibility and understanding. We’re also greatly looking forward to some teambuilding Paellas outside again, courtesy of Can Cabus.
There is much talk of meetings in the future and how they can be either virtual, hybrid or whatever. But if they do not have an element of face-to-face contact when it is responsibly possible then we will all have lost something.
We know that everyone cannot come, and we don’t want to exclude those living in areas that require stricter quarantine measures when moving between countries but if we’re all vaccinated and tested, what more can we do? Furthermore, how much better will we be in a years’ time as we continue to live with Covid 19 as part of our lives wondering if it will ever end or just needs to be renamed with a new number!
Our thanks again to the SCN members coming from USA, Europe and other locations. Our door is open for more at the SCN Meet-Up in Alella (BCN) Spain on 24th September – and if it is not possible for you this time round, we’ll try all we can for the next time.
We’re being responsibly human!

For those coming to Alella, check this video to see how to get your QR for traveling to Spain:
If you have any questions, please contact us:

Please comment on how we can make physical meetings and if we should. Follow this link:

Visit our website for further information on the event and register!