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Wednesday 7th July, 2021 – SCN Pitch Meeting: IT Solutions for Forwarders

Many thanks for all who have participated in the SCN Pitch Meeting – THANKS to the SCN members for their interest and feedback, THANKS to our IT service providers for their ideas, solutions and recommendations and also thanks to the other attendees from the wider public who connected up to hear about what is happening in the industry

After hearing the recommendation (or is it a threat?) that forwarders need to “Digitalize or die” for many years, it is both clear that death will not happen tomorrow, but also that digitalization becomes increasingly important. We also see, for the solutions provided, that digitalising a forwarder gives great advantages, but it is an ongoing project, instead of a yes/no decision to proceed.

Our intention at SCN is to propose some of the tools for you and encourage movement down the path of digitalization, so that mundane documentary tasks can be automated, leaving personal contacts to become more valuable and focused to building trust with clients.


We hear from full ERP solutions to rate management and quoting platforms. From RPA to digital integrators. Solutions for your air freight, for your ocean freight, for large forwarders and small.

Above all, we heard feedback from network members and partners of how they are working together, what works and how to progress. How to control all and how to eliminate error. The key word of the moment in IT seems to be INTEGRATION. What use is a smooth and slick IT program for your company so that it can effectively manage your transport requirements, if you are in a bubble and cannot connect with others?


Digital is the way forward. We will return to the subject and we’d like YOU to help to be part of the community’s solution.




If you attended and would like an attendee list, for the comments made, or the presentations given, please fell free to contact us – and above all, share your comments with us.

Take a look at the presentations at your leisure on our YouTube channel:

Let us know what you think..!