SCN Regional Meeting, Colombia – Thank you attendees!

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SCN’s first meeting in Latin America is over.  Are YOU ready for added networking and traffic with South & Central America?

A regional meeting was always going to be fantastic, but CARTAGENA proved more fabulous than we could have imagined.

Members from all over the region joined members interested in boosting their traffic with this fascinating market of great potential.

Before the event, members joined SCN in a “Beach Cleaning” event with Fundacion Bahia. More than removing plastic, a day to highten awareness about the ongoing problem of plastic waste and a need to recycle and reduce much more than we are currently doing. Many thanks for all who joined us, including students from Colombian high school who we were able to get on our boat trip.

After a welcome cocktail, it was straight into the logistics material – What was SCN trying to achieve? which was to join together forwarders of the region to consider logistics capabilites of the region and explain to others to make the possible start to happen. Through debate in the motivated group, a good understanding of traffic types and how to navigate potential issues with LATAM was discussed.

We also welcomed our five new members to the region (since last SCN conference, Oct 2022)

  • Grupo Logistica del Plata (Argentina)
  • An Global (Peru)
  • Agem (Colombia)
  • Net Log (Costa Rica)
  • Sea Land (Mexico)

Since the meeting, we are also pleased to welcome observing attendees, who have now joined SCN and our LATAM developments:

  • Blademar (Uruguay)
  • N&C Logistic (Chile)

Later in the regional meeting, some time was dedicated to discuss and focus member’s experiences on digitalization. With so many options available while client demand changes and develops, we wanted to help members share their successes (and failures) in implementing digital solutions to their logistics services to provide greater efficiency and accuracy while still remaining an understanding and personalised source for clients.

Time was of course made available for one-to-one meetings, so that members were able to discuss in depth specific matters on a member to member basis. We are pleased to indicate that we are ALREADY seeing the fruits of these contacts with major traffics starting between Brasil and Argentina, a new LATAM commercial platform being developed and many other shipments about to start.

After the official business was concluding in Colombia, we were treated to the very special character of Cartagena, with a fantastic dinner in the harbour on board a catamaran followed by a crazy and somewhat unconventional bus ride on a “Chiva Rumbera” – memorable is an understatement.

The SCNers who had still not had enough (and the others regretted not staying!) we concluded the meeting with our famous “Chat & Chill” on a boat trip to Islas del Rosario, roof-top dinner and a city tour to see the colour and life of the city.

Special mention to our sponsors, who helped to make all possible, with some extra sparkle and visibilty

  • ACI (Colombia & USA)…..Platinum Sponsor
  • Cargowise (Technology Partner)….Gold Sponsor
  • Cargas del Plata (Argentina)….Wine  Sponsor – Gala Dinner
  • IGL Logistics (USA)….Lanyard Sponsor
  • Overseas & Trade (Spain)…Coffee break sponsor
  • TCC Cargo (Colombia)…..Conference bag sponsor
  • ADV Logistics (Mexico)….Wine Sponsor Catamarán


In conclusion, LATAM is very firmly on the map in the SCN network and beyond. As global issues affect many regions, with demand from major markets faltering, the region’s own demand, plus a potential for filling the near-shoring needs of changing geo-political requirements, it is not possible to ignore the immense potential of the region. Who will be able to take advantage in a sustainable and informed way, is the main question. SCN will be there to help members answer that question and develop more ties.

Mainly we want to justify returning to fabulous Cartagena!

Thanks to all SCNers who were able to join us. Those who weren’t….keep watching!


 Isn’t it time YOU developed more in LATAM?