Tbilisi, Georgia – Tips and Places to Go

Event News

It’s almost here! Our 1st SCN Regional Meeting is going to take place next week in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Thanks to one of out Georgian hosts, Givi from Megrex, we’re showing a long list of activities and information (or tips as he says) of Tbilisi for those are going there for more than 1 day and seek to explore more about Tbilisi.

From SCN we hope you’ll enjoy your visit of the Georgian capital! And if you’re not joining us this time, we hope you’ll follow this information if you visit some time the Georgian Capital:


We got quite good shopping malls here with almost all international and local brands. Will share some below:


Tbilisi got really good and internationally popular night clubs. We have also goods bars and pubs with the live music:

There are two major streets with good live music and chillout possibilities:


All cinemas and theatres are around the hotel, mainly on Rustaveli Avenue and Kostava street.