Thank You – SCN Cybermeeting – “ SCN & AI: friends or enemies”

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SCN CYBERMEETING  –  Wednesday 19th July 2023


Artificial intelligence or AI – is it the next big leap on technological advancement, or the final handing over to the black box of tech, which will progress unchecked to human oblivion??

With so much conversation on AI in the media recently, we very much wanted to have a better understanding of its developments, its possibilities and risks, and above all its implications for the logistics industry.

We greatly thank the many members, partners and contacts for connecting up and participating in meetings both in English and Spanish

And of course we give special thanks to Prof. Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Director of research at Institute of Experimental AI at NorthEast University who helped attendees get a better understanding of the ethical consequences of AI, the implications of having “good” and unbiased data and even the linguistic implications of how AI is advancing, with a clear dominance of English. Bringing their comments, experience and ideas from another side of the AI playing field was Logan Pritchett (BravoTran) and Glenn Liao (Rippey.AI) explaining the implication currently in logistics and where we are moving towards. Later, in the second meeting (in Spanish) we were joined by Ricardo Cruz of Riege Software explaining how AI enhances their software.

Following both of the meetings and interventions, it seemed clear that although there are concerning issues surrounding Artificial Intelligence, there exists various solutions with logistics, using A.I. in manner that does not require a details study of ethics and data quality, as it the debate and concern with Chat GPT and many other AI functions.

Many functions such as email reading, document scanning for invoices, B/Ls etc. tracking and other functions can use A.I. technology in a relatively inoffensive manner to allow for better stock and warehouse management, transport control, forecasting and planning in general. We should be wary of A.I., but appreciative of some the small steps towards progress that are already possible

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What’s next on SCN’s CYBERMEETINGS?


  • As we have our annual conference coming soon, we will shortly be having a meeting to prepare everyone for that. 


  • We are also looking at matters of SUSTAINABILITY WITHIN LOGISTICS. If YOU know of specialist who can share their knowledge (and programs) towards carbon calculators, especially if they would like to participate in our conference in Vietnam, please let us know.

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