Time to look back on 2020

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Time to look back on 2020


It’s the time of the year when many of us reflect on how the year has gone, what we’ve learnt, what we’ve been through and most importantly, where we’re going. Its clear that so many of us have our thoughts on the “C” word, and how it has limited us this year. But I’d like to focus on two aspects of 2020 which struck more than just one chord.


Something to complain about?

The first of reflection in 2020 came on 4th August 2020. While many of us were being thankful of a slight improvement of lockdown, one city, already in severe political turmoil was literally torn apart by an explosion. I refer of course to Beirut. This covered newspapers around the world for a few days, but of course the reality of the situation of people in Lebanon continues of course to this day.

All disasters, when somewhere else, are forgotten about too soon. Of course, life does and should go on for everyone not directly affected, it would be humane of all of us to consider how life is continuing in Beirut TODAY while we complain about our social distancing and those annoying masks!



What matters?

Black Lives Matter. Of course, they matter… all lives matter! But when one group has historically been dealt a bad hand (or no hand at all!) We really need to ask ourselves how human and humane we really are if we are not able to help out more than we currently do.


I’m constantly amazed at how everyone in our network seems to manage to look for common good. Yes, we’re all here to do business, but if you don’t look after your collaborator’s pocket, your gains will be short lived.


And SCN, as a network, seems at times to be like a “Micro-society” of professionals, but more importantly PEOPLE getting on. Empathy is the best bridge builder as we all already know.


Although you may not agree with some aspect of the anti-racial movements, the fact that we are still talking about this and many still suffering injustices means we still have work to do.


Immigration is coming – like it or not. The sooner that we try and find a way to be open to its possibilities, the better for all our societies. Be it those who are living among us or those coming, we frankly have no option but to figure out how to live side by side with respect and kindness.




and the SCNers?

As far as SCN is concerned, we really can’t complain about 2020. We have managed to maintain a high level of interaction between members. I wonder how many of us now LIKE video calls. Even if you are not a fan, it is clear that we are all now much more used to using them and when considering international contacts and the levels of TRUST that we require in SCN, having a face-to-face meeting, even if on a screen is most probably a step forward

Cybermeeting to debate matters of interest and concern to SCN members around the world on a monthly basis and just recently, a full virtual networking conference have been possible, thanks to the implication of many members and our new video abilities. We thank all of those who have joined us, and invite all others to take up the opportunity – we’ll even let you discretely “sit at the back quietly” until you’re used to it.


Our list of members has grown and our disputes and claims historically low. I’d invite you to take a look at our newer members, in the following post. Please remember that these new companies would like to enthusiastically get involved in the network, and as many of us have known each other for years (if not decades!) its always of interest to see what they can offer. Lend an ear

2020 will mark many of our lives with being able to see more of our close family, no travel, limited social interaction. But a new calendar year is on its way soon, so let’s get ready for the new possibilities it will bring.


Many thanks for being part of our community in 2020!

The SCN Team

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(How did I do?…. I didn’t say “Covid-19” once! …….oops damn, I just did!)