Zoom into – ADV Logistics ( Mexico)

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For ADV, customs brokerage is more than a focus or specialization of it forwarding activities. It is how the company started  back in 1987 and has formed the backbone of growth since. Having their own customs broker licence does not only give a reduction of time in customs procedures, more competitive costs and enhanced follow up. It also allows for a greater development of TRUST with clients and agents alike



Mexico is well known for having one of the most complex customs on a global scale. Governmental authorisations is just the first step for importer to be able to operate and these are costly and difficult to process without an experienced broker to assist and act as intermediary. Such customs speciality has helped ADV to gain a wide range of clients with goods such as chemicals, steel, heavy machinery, vehicles, textiles, wine, electronics, raw materials and many more.


ADV Logistics’ operations are enhanced by own warehouse facilities in Mexico’s major ports of Veracruz and Manzanillo. More recently, services from their new branch and warehouse in Laredo (USA) allows greater coordination for cross-border traffic. From their core trade of Mexican customs broker, they are now able to offer quality services in transport, distribution and much more.





Many thanks to Alfonso Diaz and the ADV team for allowing us a glimpse of their company and strengths for serving the SCN Community in Mexico

Alfonso Diaz Barquin

General Manager