Discussion Group 1 – Projecting your Corporate Visibility

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Discussion Group 1 – Projecting your Corporate Visibility

As part of SCN’s First Virtual Networking Event, we wanted to bring members together to consider their corporate visibilty

This huge topic is clearly too large for just a 45 minute discussion, but it is always a good time to discuss how your company is positioned on social media as well as the effectiveness of your web site and its SEO

We were joined by Florian Frese, who has been responsible to increasing the hits on the website of Container xChange from about 3000 to 40,000 hits per month following a sharper focus on SEO of the web page. It is not simply having an effective and attractive we site, but focus on SEO and activity has made this possible for Container xChange.

Regarding social media, and despite the frustrations that many forwarders have with making it worth the time invested in it, it was generally concluded that LinkedIn is where focus should be made. Some members have succesfully used Instagram, but the volume of traffic through LinkedIn and the business focus, has been found by members to generate much more activity.

Kaan Aydin of Bati Group shared with us that with the use of a marketing company, he has been able to project a much more professional image of the company which can clearly be seen by following the LinkedIn of Bati.

Projecting your company’s image in the changing scope of communication possibilites in a digitalized world requires some fresh ideas but above all, the willingness to take that first step. What better support could you have than the network of SCN? Along with Bati and several other companies that were present in the discussion group, we have decided to network together and try to assist our visibility in the LinkedIn platform by interacting between our companies. Want to join us? Please let us know: hello@securitycargonetwork.com…and remember to like us on LinkedIn!

If you would like to see the whole video of the discussion, please click on the link below


Our thanks once more to Florian Frese of Container xChange and Kaan Aydin of Bati Group for guiding the conversation and the ideas


Watch the video HERE