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Ocean Recovery Alliance give us: GLOBAL ALERT app

Our good friends at Ocean Recovery Alliance is pleased to remind us of their GLOBAL ALERT app, allowing all users to track and plastic waste, to prevent and avoid it getting from waterways into the ocean. Let us not just fight against it, but be part of the solution. 

A Case Study in Indonesia:

The two photos below illustrate the volume and type of trash found in the landfill which adjacent to the riverbed. The last picture is of the riverbed itself, which when full, acts as a transport mechanism for the waste to flow directly into the ocean.

Read the full article here:

Indonesia case study for Global Alert

Key points: The Global Alert Platform provides a way to visualize and support advocacy of litter reduction and waterway/coastal health. Reporting on the platform allows users to share successes, while also alerting local authorities or other community stakeholders to the importance of cleanup, and long-term prevention with education and improved landfill management and recycling capacities.

Take a look at these two videos to know more, then feel free to install and help the cause.


SCN is looking to start collaborative waste collection teams around the globe.Interested in getting involved?

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